Seamless Cold-drawn Or Cold-rolled Steel Tubes For Precision Applications

Product Information

Product standards: GB/T 3639, DIN 2391, EN 10305-1, ASTM A591

Main products: cylinder pipes for jacks, automobile cylinder sleeves, hydraulic cylinder pipes for large machinery, automobile shock absorber pipes, automobile shaft pipes.

Product use: pipes for auto maintenance equipment, pipes for railway equipment, pipes for nuclear power, pipes for auto parts, pipes for medical equipment, pipes for mining machinery.


The curvature should be ≤3.0mm/m.

The total length (L) curvature of steel tube with an outer diameter greater than 16mm should meet the following requirements:

a) ReH≤500MPa,≤0.15%L

b) ReH> 500MPa,≤0.20% L


The usual length of steel tube is 2000mm~12000mm.

According to the request of the buyer, the steel tube of other lengths can be produced after negotiation


According to the demand of the buyer, and after negotiation between the supplier and the buyer, other steel tube can be produced.

Delivery Status

Cold working/hard state: +C

Cold working/soft state: +LC

Stress relief annealing state after cold working: +SR

Annealing state: +A

Normalizing state: +N

Mechanical Properties

Dimensions And Tolerances