Talent Concept

Human resources are the first resource for enterprise development. The company firmly establishes the talent concept of "people-oriented, both ability and political integrity", and is committed to achieving a high degree of unity between the overall development of the company and the realization of employee value.

Through the establishment of a sound human resources management system, establishment and improvement of incentive and restraint mechanisms for talent evaluation, discovery, selection and appointment, performance appraisal, etc., strive to create a good "stage inspiring people, career achievement people, mechanism incentives, rewards inspiring people, and emotional care for people" The atmosphere provides a strong talent guarantee and extensive intellectual support for the smooth realization of the company's overall development strategy goals.

Employment policy---both ability and political integrity, from all corners of the world, combining old, middle and young people.

Employing concept---diploma is more proficiency, professional title is more competent, experience is more competent, qualification is more contributory.

Selection principle---fair competition, survival of the fittest, personnel can enter and exit, positions can be promoted and reduced, income can be high and low

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